Zoriana Pushkar, Bohdan Pushkar


The article describes the features of the personnel management system at the enterprise and the impact of foreign investments on its activities. The advantages (introduction of modern technologies, raising the level of qualification of labor force and employment, increasing the level of integrated use of raw materials) and the drawbacks of attracting foreign investments for enterprises of Ukraine are noted.
There are a number of signs that negatively affect the functioning of enterprises (war, political instability, imperfect legislative framework on foreign investment, insufficient level of infrastructure development, inflation processes, etc.). An analysis of the modern state of investment activity is carried out on the example of the German company "Kromberg and Schubert Ukraine". The key to the success of the enterprise, its main values, requirements, which sets the guidance to the personnel are revealed. The motivational mechanism that exists at the enterprise is analyzed, the working conditions of the personnel are disclosed.
The scientific novelty of this publication is the assessment of the personnel management system and the development of proposals that need to be taken into account in order to improve the management of the personnel and the investment attractiveness of other enterprises of the state and its regions.


enterprise; personnel management; manager; personnel; working conditions; foreign investments; advantages; disadvantages

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